These days businesses use the World Wide Web as more than just a presence on the Internet where people can use a search engine such as Google or Bing to find them. That remains a particularly important aspect, but a lot of software applications these days are implemented as "Web Services" as well. From Amazon, to Zoom and everything in between: Dropbox, Facebook, Google Docs, Github, Twitter, Lyft, Microsoft Office 360, Skype, Uber, and a host of other services everyone is increasingly relying on web based applications. Many of them are well known, and others less so.

Companies often also use applications that are not provided by a big corporation. For example the Redmine Project Management Application is a very useful and powerful Open Source application that can be used to manage projects of almost any kind in a way that allows businesses to get a handle on all their resources and how they are being leveraged. It works by using a web browser to access web pages which might be hosted elsewhere on the internet or on an internal server accessible on the company Local Area Network.

This website, while very simple in appearance, involves a great deal of complexity, representing design choices from what Content Management System to use, whom to choose for Hosting, and how to secure it and more. You might notice that every web page you access here at is a accessed via a secure connection (See the green padlock next to the URL in your browser.) This means that everything you are reading has been encrypted on the host computer (server), transmitted over the internet in a way that keeps other people from viewing it, and then decrypted for you to see by and on the computer you are using right now. You might think this is "overkill" but it isn't. Major companies like Google and other browser makers are moving toward insisting that all websites be securely served in this way.  Depending upon your browser you might get a warning that this website is insecure if it wasn't so protected.

In the end the Web is a complicated place no matter how simple it might appear. Under the hood there are technologies in use that it takes years to master. If you don't want to spend years becoming an expert you have choices, and one option is to start by enlisting the aid of somebody who has already invested the time and effort, and acquired the skills to navigate this complex realm.

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