More and more often we hear about ways in which lapses in computer and systems security have been leveraged by bad actors to cause havoc. Local governments have been temporarily shut down and blackmailed for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our data has wound up in the hands of malicious people who use it to commit crimes; everything from identity theft to manipulation of public image for the perpetrators advantage.

For more than a decade the prevailing attitude has been "nobody wants my data" and/or "sure, but it can never happen to me." Hopefully by now you are starting to realize that computer security isn't just something for the military and banks to worry about. It isn't something with which only businesses need to be concerned; it affects us all. Sometimes it effects us directly, as in the case of the local government shutdowns, but the reality is that a misstep can result in problems that we may not detect for days, weeks, months, years, or possibly never.  The fact that we don't realize the immediate effects does not mean it isn't important however. Just as many illnesses go undetected for too long, which might have been avoided by a more healthy lifestyle, the importance of adopting healthy security practices for prevention is real.

While there are products that help, security is not a product or set of products, it is a process. I have decades of experience in computer and systems security, including knowledge of industry best practices, combined with experience choosing products and implementing processes to help minimize the chance of a security lapse and mitigate the damage if such a lapse occurs.

Feel free to contact me to discuss how I might help you and/or your company get a better handle on this complex issue!