Computer networks are at the core of computing in the 21st century. Networking has become so ubiquitous in fact that most of us carry a handheld computer, which for historical reasons we still refer to as a "Smartphone" or often just a "Phone", connected the Internet. At home we often have one or more computers that we need to connect together, and that we also want connected to the Internet. If we have a printer we want to be able to print to it from all of our devices. We don't want to have to share a single computer anymore, and if we have multiple computing devices as most of us do these days, we don't want to have to switch to a different device to access our files or read and write email, nor should we have to do so. Cars are increasingly connecting to multiple networks of varying types, including but not limited to the Internet. Now, like it or not, our TVs, our refrigerators, and even light bulbs are being networked via the Internet of Things. When everything is working optimally networking can be a beautiful and powerful tool, if sometimes a bit scary for many of us. However, all this means that when networking goes wrong. modern life goes wrong. It also means that there is an increased possibility that someone else can use it against us.

I have been using computer networks since before there was a World Wide Web, and have worked with networking systems of many types including all of the most common ones in use today. I know how to design them, set them up, troubleshoot them, and attach devices to them. I know how to secure them. In short, if you have a network question or issue, I can probably help.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and we can decide together if it makes sense for me to assist you!